Scientific developments directory

Назва розробки Керівник розробки
1 Software for analyzing the efficiency of behavioralgorithms of radio-technical systems of critical/short-term application O. Shkiliuk
2 Optical Television Scanning Microscope Y. Matiyeshyn
3 Biocides for the protection of petroleum products and materials from biological influences V. Lubenets
4 Fermented milk beverages based on microbiota «Tibetan fungus» Новіков В.П.
5 Lipstick that averts tobacco smoking V. Novikov
6 Vibratory Plate with Unbalanced Drive Oleksiy Lanets
7 Electromechanical Vibrating Table of the Eccentric-Pendulous Type Oleksiy Lanets
8 Two-Mass High-Frequency Electromagnetic Vibrating Table Oleksiy Lanets
9 Tree-Mass High-Frequency Electromagnetic Vibrating Table Oleksiy Lanets
10 Vibrating Assembly Automatic Machines (technological equipment of dual-use) Oleksiy Lanets
11 Vibratory Bin Feeders (technological equipment of dual-use) Oleksiy Lanets
12 Extension of the Machine Details Resource by Surfacing under the Flux Hanna Pokhmurska
13 Ensuring Technological Strength of Welded Joints with Armored Steel of ARMSTAL 500-Type Andrii Dziubyk
14 Load-Orienting Equipment for Setting the Corks Yuriy Sholoviy
15 Thermo-Extruder for Cutting the Polymer in the Pellets Manufacturing Bohdan Savchyn
16 Table for Vibrating Compaction of the Concrete Mixture Bohdan Savchyn
17 Semi-Automatic Machine for Loose and Liquid Materials with Hand Drive Volodymyr Borovets
18 Vibrating Separator for Sifting the Loose Materials into Fractions Volodymyr Borovets
19 Vibrating Separators for Sieving the Loose Materials Volodymyr Borovets
20 Device for the Blister Package Welding Volodymyr Borovets
21 Weighing Dispenser for Lump and Bulk Materials Volodymyr Borovets
22 Mixer for the Bulk Food Volodymyr Borovets
23 Vibrating Stackers for Supplying Biscuits Volodymyr Borovets
24 Conveyor Belts Volodymyr Borovets
25 Device for Thermal Welding of the Covers Volodymyr Borovets
26 Extruder for Making the 'Noodle' Spreading Volodymyr Borovets
27 Automatic Machine for Packing the Liquid Products Volodymyr Borovets
28 Automatic Machine for Packing of the Bulk Products Volodymyr Borovets
29 Automatic Machine for Packing of the Bulk Products Volodymyr Borovets
30 Filling and Packing Automatic Machine for Bulk Food and Non-Food Stocks Volodymyr Borovets
31 Vibrating Conveyors (technological equipment) Volodymyr Hurskyy
32 Vibrating Machines of Volumetric Processing (technological equipment of dual-use) Volodymyr Borovets
33 Forecasting and Provision of the Given Value of Initial Contact Resistance of the Heterogeneous and Homogeneous and Sections During the Spot Condenser Resistance Micro-Welding Volodymyr Biloborodchenko
34 Technologies of the Spot Condenser Micro-Welding of High-Temperature Thermocouples Volodymyr Biloborodchenko
35 Equipment for Spot Condenser Resistance Micro-Welding Volodymyr Biloborodchenko
36 Structural and Finishing Materials of New Generation Based on Nanomodified Cementing Systems Myroslav Sanytskyy
37 Effective Constructive Decisions about Reconstruction, Expansion and Strengthening of the Highway Bridges Victor Kvasha
38 Development of the Interim Metal Ceiling Within the Existing Industrial Building Ivan Ivanyk
39 Stand for Defining the Hydraulic Characteristics of the Water Inlet Devices Volodymyr Zhuk
40 Reinforced Concrete Prefabricated Domes Built without Scaffolding Bohdan Hnidets
41 New Constructive and Technological Systems for Housing and Other Private Construction Bohdan Hnidets
42 New Composite Constructions of Bridges for Difficult Construction Conditions Bohdan Hnidets
43 Methodology of Assessing the Remaining Life of the Reinforced Concrete Structures Reinforcing under the Load Zenoviy Blikharskyi
44 Furnace for Fire Tests of the Constructions and Materials Serhiy Bula
45 Overlapping of the Large Spans Using Metal Constructions Roman Lisotskyi
46 Lightweight Reinforced Concrete Constructions of the Ceilings with High-Tensile Fiberglass Reinforcement of the New Generation Ihor Karkhut
47 Reinforced Concrete Columns under Heavy Loads Petro Kholod
48 Reinforcement Method of the Massive Foundations of the Mine Ventilation Facilities Volodymyr Kushchenko
49 Timber Constructions Bohdan Demchyna
50 Glass Beams and Slabs Bohdan Demchyna