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Гуртки Малої технічної академії


Institute of Computer Science and Information Technologies

Director of Institute: DScTech., prof. Mykola Medykovskyi
First Deputy Director: DSc (Phys.& Math.), prof. Liubov Zhuravchak
Dean for Bachelor Studies: CScTech, Nataliia Melnykova
Deputy Dean for Bachelor Studies: CScTech, Senior Lecturer Viktor Khavalko
Deputy Dean for Facilities & Building Maintenance: CScTech, Assistant Yurii Kryvenchuk
Dean for Master Studies: CScTech, Assoc. prof. Uliana Marikutsa
Deputy Dean for Master Studies: CScTech, Assistant Mykola Lohoida
Deputy Dean for Organizational and Methodical Work: CSc (Phys.& Math.), Assoc. prof. Nataliia Melnyk
Deputy Dean for International Educational and Scientific Projects: CSc (Philol.), Assistant Solomiia Albota

28a Bandery St., Building 5, Room 513

Номер(и) телефону: 
(032) 258-26-63
ikni.dept [at] lpnu.ua
ikni_info [at] lp.edu.ua


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