Vibrating Separator for Sifting the Loose Materials into Fractions

The separator is designed to separate loose materials into fractions according to the certain granular composition (it is defined by the size of the sieve holes) and to charge various containers by these materials. The separator is used in food and other industries.

Technical specifications

Working range of the oscillations amplitudes – 0.1-4.0 mm
Change of the oscillations amplitudes – by the moving apart of unbalanced masses
Working frequency of the oscillations – 25 Hz
Number of separation fractions of thematerial – 2...5
Working diameter of the separating grates – 600 mm
Weidth – 120 kg

Overall dimensions of the separator:

  • width – 960 mm
  • ength – 960 mm
  • height – 1100 mm
Main benefits
  • easy setting up;
  • opportunity to change the separation rate.
Problem solving

automation of the separation of product into fractions.

We offer
technology, finished product
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