Conveyor Belts

They are designed to transport products in the form of packages, boxes and other types of packaging to the required distance. Transporting belt can be made of various materials, so that it can be used in different industries, including food industry. The overall dimensions and transportation speed are defined by the technical needs of the customer.

Technical specifications

Transportation speed – 420 mm/с
Minimum heigh – 200 mm
Width of the conveyor belt – 800 mm
Length  – 2200 mm

Specifications of the electric drive:

  • power – 0.18 kW
  • voltage – 380/220 V

Reducer gear ratio – 20 u
Width – 300 mm

Overall dimensions:

  • ength – 2350 mm
  •  width (максимальна) – 450 mm
  • height – 900 mm


Main benefits
  • easy setting up;
  • opportunity to change the transportation speed.
Problem solving

automation of the process of product transportation.

We offer
technology, finished product
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