Reinforced Concrete Columns under Heavy Loads

As a result of the pre-compression of the high-tensile reinforcing bars At-V in the marginal stage of the compressed elements there was made a maximum use of the strength characteristics of the high-tensile steel. The use of the mild steel elements (A-II; ВСт3кл2) in the spatial reinforced frames for receiving the compression load of high-tensile reinforcement also made it possible to fully use its compressive characteristics.

Main benefits
  • the reinforcement of the columns using compressed high-tensile fitting;
  • the possibility of use in the multistory buildings for large loads (>5 MN);
  • saving of up to 30 % of the reinforced steel in comparison with the usual reinforcement.
Problem solving

providing columns bearing capacity at high loads (> 5 MN).

We offer
design of the reinforced concrete frames of the multistory residential and public buildings.
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