Research Unit

Назва лабораторії (центру) Контактна особа
1 RL-3 Research Laboratory of electronic engineering

Кафедра ELE, ITRE

Prof. Pavlo Stakhira, Doctor of Engineering
2 RL-6 Research Laboratory of Modelling, Analysis, Synthesis and Optimization of Electric Power and Power Supply Systems and Their Intellectualization Management


Prof. Mykhailo Stankovych Sereda, Doctor of Engineering
3 RL-8 Research Laboratory of the Development of Reactive Systems for the Functionalization of Interphase Surfaces and the Construction of Filled Composites, Biocompatible, Biodegradable Polymeric Materials, Modifications of Natural Substances

Кафедра OC, ICCT

Prof. Stanislav Voronov, Doctor of Chemistry
4 RL-10 Research Laboratory of Obtaining Semiconducting Materials and Studying Their Physical Properties

Кафедра GP, IMFS

DSc (Phys.& Math.), Prof. Roman Petrus
5 RL-11 Research Laboratory of Precision Increase of Electronic Measuring Devices

Кафедра MIT, ICTA

Prof. Bohdan Stadnyk, Doctor of Engineering
6 RL-12 Research Laboratory of Oil and Gas Technology


Prof. Mykhaylo Bratychak, Doctor of Chemistry
7 RL-13 Research Laboratory of Nanophysics and Molecular Power Engineering

Кафедра APNS, IMFS

Prof. Ivan Hryhorchak, Doctor of Engineering
8 RL-14 Research Laboratory of Marketing and Logistics

Кафедра ML, IEM

Prof. Yevhen Krykavskyi, Doctor of Economics
9 RL-15 Research Laboratory of Security Evaluation of all Kinds of Information

Кафедра IS, ICTA

Prof. Valeriy Dudykevych, Doctor of Engineering
10 RL-16 Research Laboratory of Wireless Information Radio Electronic Systems and Technologies

Кафедра RDS, ITRE

Prof. Ivan Prudyus, Doctor of Engineering
11 RL-17 Research Laboratory of Computer and Cyber-Physical Systems and Network Technologies

Кафедра ECM, ICTA

Prof. Anatoliy Melnyk, Doctor of Engineering
12 BRL-18 Branch Research and Educational Laboratory of Geodetic Monitoring and Refractometry

Кафедра HGA, IGDG

Prof. Kornylii Tretiak, Doctor of Engineering
13 RL-19 Research Laboratory of Development and Implementation of New Building Constructions

Кафедра BP, CEBS

Prof. Myroslav Sanytskyi, Doctor of Engineering
14 RL-20 Research Laboratory of the Study of Automobiles Operating Properties

Кафедра MVT, IMET

Prof. Bohdan Kindratskyy, Doctor of Engineering
15 RL-21 Research Laboratory of Thermal Power Equipment and Systems


Prof. Mykhailo Semerak, Doctor of Engineering
16 RL-23 Research Laboratory of Prestressed Reinforced Concrete Structures

Кафедра BCB, CEBS

Prof. Zenovii Blikharskyi, Doctor of Engineering
17 RL-24 Research Laboratory of Chemical Production Processes and Apparatus

Кафедра CE, ICCT

Prof. Volodymyr Atamaniuk, Doctor of Engineering
18 RL-25 Research Laboratory of Automation of Technological Processes and Metering of Energy Carriers

Кафедра ACIT, IPEC

Prof. Yevhen Pistun, Doctor of Engineering
19 RL-26 Research Laboratory of Road Construction Technologies, Structures, Products, Materials and Soils

Кафедра DHB, CEBS

Prof. Serhiy Solodkyy, Doctor of Engineering
20 RL-27 Research Laboratory of Hydraulics and Sanitary Engineering

Кафедра HWE, CEBS

Associate Prof. Volodymyr Cherniuk, Doctor of Engineering
21 RL-28 Research Laboratory of Biologically Active Substances


Prof. Volodymyr Novikov, Doctor of Chemistry
22 RL-29 Research Laboratory of Synthesis, Processing and Application of Polymers

Кафедра CTPP, ICCT

Prof. Oleh Suberliak, Doctor of Chemistry
23 RL-31 Research Laboratory of Architectural Objects Modeling

Кафедра AC, IARD

Associate Professor Yuriy Petrenko, PhD in Engineering
24 RL-33 Research Laboratory Of Accident Prevention, Development Of Methods Of Occupational And Radiological Monitoring

Кафедра CS, ISD

Prof. Oleh Nahurskyy, Doctor of Engineering
25 RL-34 Research Laboratory of Mathematical Modeling

Кафедра DM, IMFS

Prof. Zinovii Nytrebych, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics
26 RL-35 Research Laboratory of Thermodynamics and Heat Engineering

Кафедра HGSV, CEBS

Prof. Vasyl Zhelykh, Doctor of Engineering
27 RL-37 Research Laboratory of Monomer Synthesis

Кафедра OPT, ICCT

Dziniak B.O.
28 RL-38 Research Laboratory of Dynamics and Reliability of Industrial Equipment

Кафедра TMEG, IMET

PhD, Associate Professor Vitalii Korendii
29 RL-39 Research Laboratory of Technological Processes Automation

Кафедра RIME, IMET

Prof. Ihor Hrytsay, Doctor of Engineering
30 RL-40 Research Laboratory of Automatic Machines of Vibration Engineering

Кафедра RIME, IMET

Prof. Ihor Kuzio, Doctor of Engineering
31 RL-41 Research Laboratory of Inorganic Substances Technology

Кафедра TIS, ICCT

Prof. Zenovii Znak, Doctor of Engineering
32 RL-42 Research Laboratory of Synthesis and Analysis of New Substances and Materials

Кафедра PAGC, ICCT

DSc(Chem.), Prof. Yatchyshyn Yosyp
33 RL-43 Research Laboratory of Welding Processes

Кафедра OGEW, IMET

Prof. Hanna Pokhmurska, Doctor of Engineering
34 RL-46 Research Laboratory of Building Structure Calculations

Кафедра SMSM, CEBS

Prof. Yevhen Kharchenko, Doctor of Engineering
35 RL-47 Research Laboratory of Process Modelling in Electric Circles and Electrical Engineering Systems

Кафедра TGEE, IPEC

Prof. Petro Stakhiv, Doctor of Engineering
36 RL-48 Research Laboratory of Smart Precision Microsystem and Robotic Tools

Кафедра IMR, ICTA

Prof. Orest Ivakhiv, Doctor of Engineering
37 RL-50 Research Laboratory of Glass Technology, Ceramics, Binding Materials

Кафедра CTSM, ICCT

Prof. Yaroslav Vakhula, Doctor of Engineering
38 TRL-52 Territorial Research Laboratory of Entrepreneurship and Investment

Кафедра BEI, IEM

Prof. Vasyl Kozyk, PhD in Economics
39 RL-54 Research Laboratory of Organizational Management

Кафедра ОМ, IEM

Associate Prof. Oleh Karyy, Doctor of Economics
40 RL-58 Research Laboratory of Structural and Functional Systems Analysis and Synthesis

Кафедра AM, IMFS

Prof. Petro Kostrobii, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics
41 RL-59 Research Laboratory of Mechanical Tests

Кафедра SMSM, CEBS

Prof. Yevhen Kharchenko, Doctor of Engineering
42 RL-60 Research Laboratory of Technological Process Automation of Electrovacuum Production

Кафедра EDO, IMET

Prof. Zinovii Stotsko, Doctor of Engineering
43 RL-61 Research Laboratory of Improving Methods of Hardware Design and Production

Кафедра EIT , ITRE

Prof. Yurii Romanyshyn, Doctor of Engineering
44 RL-62 Research Laboratory of Automated Control Systems

Кафедра ACS, ICSIT

Prof. Ivan Tsmots, Doctor of Engineering
45 RL-63 Research Laboratory of Computational Mathematics

Кафедра CMP, IMFS

Prof. Petro Pukach, Doctor of Engineering
46 RL-66 Research Laboratory of Graphic Mapping Methods, Theoretical Bases of Their Application in CAD and Technology

Кафедра TMEG, IMET

Prof. Ivan Aftanaziv, Doctor of Engineering
47 BRL-80 Branch Research Laboratory of Computer-Aided Design of Analog Microelectronic Units of Electronic Equipment

Кафедра CAD, ICSIT

Prof. Mykhailo Lobur, Doctor of Engineering
48 RL-83 Research Laboratory of Computer Systems

Кафедра ITS, ICTA

Prof. Volodymyr Maksymovych, Doctor of Engineering
49 RL-84 Research Laboratory of Mathematical Modelling

Кафедра SD, ICSIT

Prof. Dmytro Fedasiuk, Doctor of Engineering
50 RL-87 Research Laboratory of Management and International Business

Кафедра MIB, IEM

Prof. Oleh Kuzmin, Doctor of Economics
51 BRL-88 Branch Research Laboratory of Examination, Testing and Reconstruction of Bridges, Building Constructions and Engineering Structures

Кафедра DHB, CEBS

Prof. Victor Kvasha, Doctor of Engineering
52 RL-89 Scientific Terminological Laboratory

Підрозділ Technical Committee for Terminology Standardization,

Prof. Bohdan Rytsar, Doctor of Engineering
53 BRL-93 Branch Research Laboratory of Geodynamics

Кафедра HGA, IGDG

Prof. Fedir Zablotskyy, Doctor of Engineering
54 BRL-95 Branch Research Laboratory of Geoinformation Systems and Technologies

Кафедра PG, IGDG

Prof. Oleksandr Dorozhynskyi, Doctor of Engineering
55 RL-96 Research Laboratory of Laser Technology and Optoelectronics

Кафедра ELE, ITRE

Prof. Yaroslav Bobytskyi, Doctor of Engineering
56 BRL-99 Branch Research Laboratory of Geodetic Support of the Cadastre and Natural Resources Management of the Territory of Ukraine

Кафедра CT, IGDG

Prof. Lev Perovych, Doctor of Engineering
57 R&DLab-100 Scientific and Research Unit: R&DLab - 100

Кафедра FIN, IEM

ScD, professor, Bondarchuk M. K.
58 RL-104 Research Laboratory of Architectural Historical Complexes Regeneration

Кафедра DAC, IARD

Prof. Mykola Bevz, Doctor of Architecture
59 BRL-105 Branch Research Production Laboratory of Research, Examination, Reconstruction and Production of Building Materials, Articles, Constructions, Building and Structures

Кафедра BCB, CEBS

Associate Prof. Volodymyr Barabash, PhD in Engineering
60 RL-106 Research and Design Laboratory for Research and Design of Residential and Public Buildings

Кафедра AC, IARD

Prof. Igor Gnes, Doctor of Architecture