Optical Television Scanning Microscope

Optical microscope enhancement technology which allows to obtain images with a quality of scanning electron microscopes was developed. Enhanced optical microscopes are able to overview the surface of most human cells and can be used to diagnose a number of diseases, in particular melanoma.

The action principle of the enhanced microscope is based on a projection in decreasing of a moving light spot from a tube screen to a test drug with a microscopic lens. Then a transmitted or scattered light is transformed by a photoelectron multiplier into an electrical signal for further processing and image synthesis.

Main benefits
  • the maximum magnification factor is 20,000 times;
  • zoom ratio is from 1 to 10 times;
  • costs for enhancing an existing optical microscope are lower compared to purchasing an electron microscope;
  • no additional staff training required; lower operating costs compared to the scanning electron microscopes.
Problem solving

obtaining microscopes with a high magnification factor without replacement of the existing equipment.

We offer
sale of the technical documentation, patent; joint refinement of the development to the industrial level; creation of the joint venture
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