Reinforcement Method of the Massive Foundations of the Mine Ventilation Facilities

The technology is used for mine ventilation facilities at presence of the critical condition caused by the Aeolian deflation of the foundation basis and its disproportionate subsidence. As a consequence, the through-crack appeared in the foundation of the ventilator with threat of the failure of main ventilation facility. The technology provides:

  • basis reinforcement with bored piles;
  • formation of the low grillage which takes the load from the ventilator;
  • reinforcement of the foundation constructions with the monolithic reinforced concrete hoop.

The development was made due to the critical condition of the monolithic reinforced concrete constructions of the foundation of BCB 47.5U ventilation facility in SE Krasnolymanska Mine.

Main benefits

the reinforcement of the massive foundation constructions, heavy equipment, without stopping the technological process.

Problem solving

securing the technological complexes of the coal mines.

We offer
the development of the reinforcement of the massive foundations of heavy equipment providing works without stopping the primary technological process
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