Methodology of Assessing the Remaining Life of the Reinforced Concrete Structures Reinforcing under the Load

Due to physical deterioration and obsolescence, hostile environment impact on the existing structures of the industrial, public and residential buildings there is often a need to assess their remaining life, to reinforce them or at least to restore their carrying capacity. It is possible to achieve the economic effect from the increasing the exploitation time of the reinforced structures owing to the increase of their reliability in comparison with the modern methods.

Main benefits
  • consideration of the current load impact on the structures before the reinforcing;
  • based on the modern deformation model of calculation.
Problem solving
  • optimal recovery of the damaged or overloaded building structures under the load;
  • implementation of the reinforced building construction design, including after hostile environment impact, with a necessary reliability level;
  • economic benefit due to reduction of the failures or damages of the reinforced structures for their further exploitation.
We offer
development of the optimal project decisions to reinforce buildings and constructions; consultations during the development of the projects of buildings and constructions projects
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