Effective Constructive Decisions about Reconstruction, Expansion and Strengthening of the Highway Bridges

Wedeveloped an effective reconstruction system of the existing bridges with the expansion of the span clearance by different types of reinforced concrete imposed slab with protruding consoles without the extension of pillar. At the same time the beams are strengthened by the change of their static scheme from freely leaned to rigid or completely strangulated beam on pillars at the maximum preservation of the existing structures and provision of clearance and capacity required by the current design regulations of the new bridges.

Main benefits
  • versatility, wide range of use for all types of the bridges;
  • 3-4 times cheaper than rebuilding of the bridge.
Problem solving
  • optimization of the exploitation, repair and reconstruction costs for bridges;
  • project and estimate documentation for exploitation, repair and reconstruction of the bridges in accordance with the existing regulations.
We offer
sale of the project documentation and patents
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