New Composite Constructions of Bridges for Difficult Construction Conditions

New constructions are designed to solve the problems of road and urban transport due to the traffic intensity grow, especially in suburban areas of the cities with dense housing, and taking into account the possible need to accelerate the pace of construction of the bridges, flyovers, trestles and multilevel transport interchanges, at presence of difficult construction conditions using absolutely new constructive and technological decisions.

Main benefits
  • effective use of the multi-span continuous structures in difficult construction conditions;
  • no need in formworks and scaffolds;
  • factory manufacturing of the prefabricated span beams, pre-stressing the reinforcement with the tension on backstops;
  • production of the pre-stressed reinforcement in the pier prefabricated or monolithic beams with the tension on backstops placed on the prefabricated span beans.
Problem solving

construction of the span bridges in difficult construction conditions at presence of curve bends of small radius, non-standard spans, turns, complex longitudinal profile of the buildings with significant inclinations, presence of vertical curves, etc.

We offer
development of the project documentation, supervision, research support, technical information
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