Extruder for Making the 'Noodle' Spreading

The extruder is designed for making the 'noodle' spreading of sugar and chocolate, granular products in food and other industries.

Technical specifications

Diameter of the extruder working container – 500 mm
Number of working rollers – 3 pcs
Rotational speed of extruder roller – 10-90 rev/min
Extruder overall dimensions:
- width – 850 mm
- length – 800 mm
- height – 2270 mm
Diameter of the sieve holes – 1.25 mm
Specifications of the extruder drive:
- power – 2.2 kW
- voltage – 380/220 V
- frequency – 50 Hz

Details and components, which are in contact with food, are made of stainless steal materials approved for use.

Main benefits
  • easy setting up;
  • opportunity to change the sieve;
  • smooth regulation of productivity.
Problem solving

automation of the process of product transportation.

We offer
technology, finished product
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