Vibrating Separators for Sieving the Loose Materials

The separator is designed to separate the loose materials of the certain granular composition (granular composition is defined by the size of the sieve holes) from the general flow and to charge various containers by these materials.

Technical specifications

Volume of the charging hopper – 50 dm3(l)
Working range of the oscillations amplitudes – 0.1-1.0 mm
Working frequency of the oscillations – 50 Hz
Weight – 52 kg

Overall dimensions of the separator:

  • width – 600 mm
  • length – 930 mm
  • height – 1300 mm

Specifications of the separator drive:

  • power – 0.2 kW
  • voltage – 220 V
  • frequency – 50 Hz
Main benefits
  • easy setting up;
  • opportunity to change the separation rate;
Problem solving

automation of the process of product separation.

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