Device for Thermal Welding of the Covers

The device for thermal welding of the covers made of aluminum sealing foil is designed for hermetic closure of the various polymeric containers. The device consists of the turntable, which contains jars with covers, and sealing head. Welding temperature control is done via thermostatic controller. The necessary welding effort is given by the pressure in the network of pneumatic actuator, and the time of welding is controlled by a relay of the time delay.

Technical specifications

Number of the positions on the turntable – 4 pcs
Maximum welding temperature – 160 °С
Time ofwelding – 0.1...10 s
Supply voltage – 220 V
Air network pressure – 0.4 mPa

Main benefits
  • easy setting up;
  • opportunity to change the dimensions of the bag;
  • smooth regulation of the temperature.
Problem solving

automation of the process of product transportation

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