Reinforced Concrete Prefabricated Domes Built without Scaffolding

These domes are designed for temple construction. Their installation is supposed to be conducted without scaffolding. The domes structure is ribbed and consists of prefabricated rib-less reinforced concrete slabs of double curvature and rigid reinforced frames for reinforced concrete monolithic meridian and end ribs, which perceive all the loads during the installation.

Monolithiation of the ribs is conducted gradually from the bottom up to top till the height of annular ribs after installing the prefabricated slabs between them.

The collapsible monolithic dome of the church in Novyi Rozdil (15.0 m in diameter at the height of 32.5 m) was built without scaffolding using this technology.

Main benefits
  • construction of the domes at a significant height without scaffolding;
  • working without the involvement of the specialized construction companies and enterprises;
  • improvement of the quality, reliability , durability and cost reduction;
  • solution of the heat-sound-insulation issue using the modern materials.
Problem solving
  • installing the domes at large height without scaffolding;
  • improving the quality and reliability of the dome structures.
We offer
development of the technical documentation and supervising during the installation
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