Structural and Finishing Materials of New Generation Based on Nanomodified Cementing Systems

The modification of the cementing systems by ultra-disperse additions with high surface energy allows to control the processes of composite cement hydration of a wide range of components on the nanostructure level towards the formation of regulated properties of the materials and products while minimizing energy consumption for their production. Nanotechnology control of the properties of modified cementing systems provides the great opportunity for production of such construction materials of new generation as highly functional, self-sealing and high-tensile concretes and finishing building solutions with improved quality indicators.

Main benefits
  • easily laying mixtures;
  • higher grade by compressive strength (V45 and above);
  • increased resistance to corrosion and efflorescence formation;
  • increased whiteness of the solutions;
  • reduced production costs.
Problem solving
  • reducing the complexity and costs for production of the monolithic and pre-cast reinforced concrete structures;
  • reduction of the construction period and costs for construction materials, products and structures while providing the necessary construction and technical characteristics in different exploitation conditions;
  • improving the architectural and artistic expression of the building facades.
We offer
sale of the license and patents; collaboration with construction enterprises
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