Filling and Packing Automatic Machine for Bulk Food and Non-Food Stocks

The automatic machines are designed for packaging of the bulk stocks into the packages with the filling date. The automatic machine consists of packing and dosing devices. Dosage of the products can be done by volume or weight, depending on the customer needs. The package formation, filling, sealing and datefilling processes are automated. The automatic machine can be equipped with pulse welding pads for the materials such as polyethylene and with constant heating pads for the materials such as polypropylene.

Technical specifications

Productivity – 30-60 bags/min
Dosage precision – 1%
Packed productsweight – 20 g–2 kg
Overall dimensions:
- length – 1400 mm
- width – 780 mm
- height – 2150 mm

Main benefits
  • easy setting up;
  • opportunity to change dimensions of the bag;
  • smooth regulation of productivity.
Problem solving

packing of the bulk products into the bag made of sealing material.

We offer
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