Admission Requirements (Preparatory Department)

In addition to the language itself, students also study the following subjects: computer science, mathematics (technical and economic specialities), biology with the basics of anatomy (medical specialities) and others.

To join the Preparatory Department, you must e-mail the scanned copies of the following documents:

  • passport;
  • photography;
  • certificate on previous education;
  • аpplication form for admission (added below);
  • consent to the processing of personal data (added below);

After considering these documents and after the university makes an affirmative decision on his/her admission; we sent the original invitation to study to the specified address. Based on this the consular institution of Ukraine abroad issued a visa for the study.

Foreign citizens who plan to study at the university on an inpatient basis (offline), arriving for study must have with them:

  • a complete set of documents on previous education (originals) with information on the assessment system, according to which the grades are presented. Prior education documents have been legalized under the law of the country in which they were issued (an apostille or by the consulate legalization);
  • medical certificate issued no later than three months before arrival in Ukraine;
  • the list of entry documents related to the problems of coronavirus control COVID-19 is regulated by decisions of the state authorities of Ukraine and may change;
  • birth certificate.

The foreign citizen must notify the university in advance after obtaining a visa to study the date of arrival, and flight number to meet them at the airport.

The foreign citizen must arrive in Ukraine no later than one month before the expiration of the visa.

The cost of living in a hostel is $60 per month (payable in UAH at the National Bank of Ukraine rate).

Compulsory life incurrence, permission for temporary residence in Ukraine etc. are paid separately.

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