National Antarctic Scientific Center

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The State Institution National Antarctic Scientific Center of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (NASC) is a leading scientific institution for the organization and conduct of Ukrainian research in Antarctica established in 1993. One of the main structural units of NASC is Ukrainian Antarctic Akademik Vernadsky station where comprehensive scientific research of national and international importance is carried out.

Priority areas of NASC activity include:

  • development and implementation of research within the framework of the State Special-Purpose Research Program in Antarctica for 2011-2020;
  • coordination of work related to the participation of Ukraine in international Antarctic research;
  • life support services and modernization of Ukrainian Antarctic Akademik Vernadsky station, preparation and conduct of Ukrainian complex expeditions in the Southern Hemisphere.

To ensure activities in the priority areas NASC organizes its work in accordance with the State. The purpose of the Program is to carry out fundamental and applied scientific research in Antarctica (geological and geophysical, meteorological, oceanographic, geospace, biological and ecological, medical and physiological research), ensure the effective functioning of the Ukrainian Antarctic Akademik Vernadsky station, fulfill international obligations of Ukraine in compliance with the Antarctic Treaty and to conduct a science-based assessment of the biological and mineral resource potential of the region.

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