The University launches the Information project «Environmental Polytechnic»

Проректорка з науково-педагогічної роботи та стратегічного розвитку Лілія Жук

Lviv Polytechnic will implement the project «Environmental Polytechnic». Its aim is to inform about the positive experience of the University in solving environmental issues, to promote the formation and development of environmental thinking of our employees and students, and to encourage the creation of new projects and initiatives.

– Leading institutions of higher education in Ukraine and the world take an active part in the implementation of national policies to achieve the goals of sustainable development. The most progressive foreign universities form their corporate strategies on the basis of the goals of sustainable development. Also, all areas of their activities – educational, scientific, extracurricular, economic, etc. – are built taking into account the environmental aspects of sustainable development, – says Liliia Zhuk, Vice-Rector for Education and Strategic Development, Lviv Polytechnic. – Polytechnic in its Strategy also declared the achievement of sustainable development goals. We understand that solving global problems requires a lot of effort in many areas, especially higher education. After all, universities are primarily responsible for the formation of environmental awareness, which is one of the key universal skills of the future. In addition, our Corporate Code provides for the corporate social responsibility of the academic community to society, and the formation of high culture, including environmental.

The Environmental Polytechnic project appeared when we were summarizing information about the environmental aspects of our University to participate in the international rankings The Times Higher Education Impact Rankings, UI GreenMetric World University Rankings. It became obvious that Polytechnic organizes and conducts its activities taking into account the methodological principles of greening.

– Lviv Polytechnic is essentially an ecological university, because we not only train ecologists, but also actively conduct research in this area. Researchers from ICCT, ISD, IARD, CEBS, IMFS, IMET, IPEC carry out research aimed at achieving such global goals as renewable energy, clean water, responsible consumption, fighting climate change etc. They also implement numerous international projects. ICSIT, ICTA, IARD have implemented numerous student projects related to environmental protection. Every year various conferences, round tables, discussions concerning development and implementation of environmental issues take place in our University, – added Liliia Zhuk.

Lviv Polytechnic also has a lot of eco-initiatives, including: the annual «ECO-Weekend» and spring communal works. The University offers its own eco-products: paper bags and sacks. Activists of the Students’ Board and Students and PhD Students Union have interesting ideas about spreading greening among young people.

Many important projects were initiated and implemented by Tech StartUp School, Lviv Polytechnic, including:

  • ELeobike Lviv - a safe and reliable electric kit with a smart safety system that anyone can install on their own bike.
  • Autonomous combined power supply complex.

Lviv Polytechnic is one of the six HEIs of Ukraine selected to implement the Higher Education of Ukraine project, which aims to increase the energy efficiency of universities. It is implemented by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine in cooperation with the European Investment Bank and with the support of the European Union.

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