Vice-Rector Oleh Davydchak tells about the introduction of the Summer School program at Lviv Polytechnic

Проректор з науково-педагогічної роботи Олег Давидчак

Polytechnic opens new opportunities for young people. From now on, it is possible to combine active rest and study due to the Summer School program, which is organized for students of general secondary education. On June 15–25, 2021, students will have a variety of trainings, new acquaintances, excursions and work on interesting projects in a friendly atmosphere of «Polytechnic Camp» and «IT Camp».

Oleh Davydchak, Vice-Rector for Graduate Education, told us in more detail about the Summer Schools.

– How does Lviv Polytechnic implement the Summer School program?

– The organization of Summer Schools is an element of career guidance work. Their activities are moderated by the Career Guidance Center of our University. This year, together with the Lviv Regional Small Academy of Sciences, we are organizing two Summer Schools for students of the 8th -10th grades – «IT Camp» and «Polytechnic Camp».

– What is the purpose of the Summer School program?

– The main goal of the program is to attract the best graduates of schools and to form an appropriate contingent of talented students. Participants in summer schools are those who study well and are active during their studies. In fact, we help to find themselves, find their preferences and choose a future profession.

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