From September, Lviv Polytechnic will have a bachelor's program in Digital Socioeconomics

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A new educational program will be launched at the Institute of Economics and Management, the Department of Business Economics and Investment.

Uliana Sadova, Doctor of Economics, Professor at the Department of Theoretical and Applied Economics, Head of the Research Laboratory of Social and Demographic Policy and Management «DEMOS» says:

— We will implement the program with the support of the Lviv IT cluster (namely — GlobalLogic). Its disciplines will be closely related to the research issues of the Demos Research Laboratory. We will involve students who will study under this program in the implementation of our Laboratory’s projects. Why is this program on time? Today, the world is facing globalization, another division of labour, the emergence of new sectors of the economy and specialized markets for goods and services. People began to understand the special role of digital knowledge and information. The economy needs new, competitive human capital. Therefore, given the new needs of the digital society, the education system needs change.

By implementing this program, the guarantors set themselves the goal of solving problems at three levels: the digital economy, the digital state, and the digital society. The digital economy needs new qualifications related to the development of e-business, e-commerce, and easier access to e-services for social infrastructure, education, and health care. The formation and development of the digital state generates needs of an economic and legal nature. Here the fundamental role should be played by the organization and development of the public services system, its transformation into convenient online services for citizens, maintenance of public electronic registers, preparation and conduct of electronic census, etc. Therefore, it is predicted that in the near future there will be a need for skills to create and maintain public and accessible platforms, the ability to adapt them to inclusive human needs.

The processes of digital transformation of social relations, the emergence of specific values of the digital society need special attention. Given the security challenges of our time, there is a demand for the formation of a new culture, a new philosophy, a new digital ethics not only in the field of production and distribution of public goods, but also in public behavior in general.

Students who will study digital socioeconomics, continues Tetiana Stepura, Associate Professor at the Department of Theoretical and Applied Economics, will receive economic education in the social field. The program provides training for experts, analysts, assistant managers, employees familiar with digital data, professional analysts on professional employment, HR analysts, HR specialists, HR analysts, testers, specialists on infocommunications.

What will the students of the new program study? Social economy and digital society, social analytics and digital indicators, employment on digital platforms, human development management in digital economy, data analysis and visualization, digital marketing and e-commerce, demographic modeling and actuarial calculations, labour issues in the digital economy, and digital solutions in professional career. Attention will also be paid to the study of foreign languages, which can be improved at the Linguistically Education Center. And if during the four-year training there will appear new necessary courses they will be included in the program.

Digital socioeconomics is the first interdisciplinary course in Ukraine at the junction of economy, social sphere (education, healthcare, and infrastructure) and IT. The licensed number of the students will be 30 people. Bachelor's graduates will be able to continue their studies in the master's program in Social Economics, Analytics and Management.