Professor Nazar Podolchak: «Honorary Ambassador of Lviv is a high rank and at the same time a high level of responsibility»

Почесний Амбасадор Львова Назар Подольчак

Who are the Honorary Ambassadors of Lviv? According to RIA Lviv magazine, «these are people who, using their authority and professional knowledge, contribute to the international promotion of Lviv as a worthy city for business hospitality events».

One of the Honorary Ambassadors of the city is Professor Nazar Podolchak, Head of the Department of Administrative and Financial Management at Lviv Polytechnic, Director of Tech StartUp School and the University SID City Science Park.

In the interview, he talks about ideas that will promote the development of the city and its business, in particular:

  • holding conferences, forums and exhibitions;
  • powerful projects that have been operating for the third year, such as Startup Breakthrough, organized by Tech StartUp School, Lviv Polytechnic;
  • Creative Spark, joint project with Kingston University London.

– Honorary Ambassador is a high rank and at the same time a high level of responsibility, which is to develop the brand of Lviv as a city open to the world, said Nazar Podolchak.

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