Lviv Polytechnic helps to accept international students from the territory of hostilities

Проректор Університету Роман Корж

Lviv Polytechnic accepts international students from various universities in Ukraine who are being evacuated to the border.

The premises of Polytechnic have become a transitional base for international students who come by train to Lviv. Here they are provided with basic necessities, food, water and help with further logistics of leaving Ukraine.

According to Roman Korzh, Vice-Rector for Education and Social Development, more than forty international students have already received such assistance and have successfully left Ukraine. These were students from the Kharkiv direction.

«Students keep coming. Students from Odesa arrived this morning. These are Ecuadorian students from many cities of Ukraine. They move to Lviv and then go abroad. Polytechnic became a transition point on their way home», said Roman Korzh.

Lviv Polytechnic is doing everything possible to help students in this difficult time. Together we will win this war and defeat the Russian occupiers!