«Look wider – see more» is the slogan of the student amateur theater «SAD»

Роман Медвідь


Roman Medvid, Chairman of the student amateur theater «SAD» (GARDEN), a member of the Misericordia quartet, a graduate of Lviv Polytechnic National University, gives us an interview:

– «Look wider – see more». Such slogan of our theater «SAD» is not accidental, as our performances let us reincarnate from a manager who constantly forgets something to a quarrelsome Kaidashykha, from Holokhvostyi to caring Joseph…

My University teacher, Director of this theater, Yuliia Bondarenko, offered me to become a member of the student amateur theater «SAD». In my first role, I played an NKVD activist who destroyed our people during the Holodomor of 1932–1933. My protagonist had few lines, but the deepness of his emotions while speaking about the starvation of «khakhols» was really great. I can’t say that I played this role easily, but it was easier to reincarnate with the help of other participants and Yulia Bondarenko.

Since the establishment of our theater we have staged many performances. We are amateurs, but we share feelings and emotions with our audience professionally.

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