The alternative to farming : The lecture on biodynamic tecnologies is delivered at Lviv Polytechnic National University

Iryna Shytka, The weekly paper “Audytoria”
на лекції про біодинамічні технології

Yaroslav Kusyi, the Assistant Professor of the Department of Mechanical Engineering Technologies, delivered the lecture on biodynamic technologies at Lviv Polytechnic National University on February 18. 

The topic was the biodynamic technologies in cultivating tomatoes (from the speaker’s own experience), however, all the presents also learnt about the history and the features of biodynamic approach comparing with other farming types, including traditional (using of fertilizers) and organic (using of organic manure).  The quality of the product is in the center of Biodynamics. Relationship with the land is not the only one important thing but the planets position, and the using of preparations (some of them can be made by you).

However, according to the speaker’s statements, the Biodynamics is more spread in the West than in Ukraine because, as he supposes, we do not know about this method or are afraid of experimenting (in order to avoid the harvest loss). But its efficiency is certified by practitioners’ experience (Vasyl Chuba, Andrii Zelenko and others).

The event was organized by National Biodynamic Academy and Teritorial Community of Lviv with the support of the University.