The academics from the Department of Cadastre of Territory, the Institute of Geodesy, underwent their scientific internship in Poland

Фото зі стажування

The academics of the Department of Cadastre of Territory returned from the Polish city of Kielce, where they had undergone their scientific and pedagogical internship. For the week, they had meetings with scientists, lecturers and faculty of the Kielce University of Technology, exchanged work experience and discussed cooperation between the two universities.

Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor Yuliia Khavar, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor Vira Sai and Senior Lecturer Liliia Vynarchyk took part in the internships. They shared their impressions, noting that the internship program was interesting and dynamic, filled with various meetings, communication with colleagues, and the acquired experience and knowledge will be needed for writing new scientific papers and improving the educational process.

«We underwent our scientific and pedagogical internship at the Chair of Geodesy and Geomatics, Faculty of Environmental, Geomatic and Energy Engineering, Kielce University of Technology. During the week we spent in Poland, we attended a dozen meetings and had the opportunity to talk to respectable and interesting people. Communication with the management and leading specialists of the Faculty was especially valuable. Thanks to this internship, we had a great opportunity to discuss current problems of cadaster management in Poland and Ukraine, to learn more about current state of the real estate market and methods of real estate valuation abroad. In addition, we gladly attended the lectures and practical classes of our Polish colleagues. Here I also want to note that the curator of our internship was Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor Ihor Romanyshyn, who once taught at the Department of Cadastre of Territory. Today, he has been working at the Kielce University of Technology and devoted a lot of time and effort to make our internship happen.

Returning home, we were thinking what is the best way to apply all that we have learned and seen. After all, we will be able to use the acquired knowledge, skills and experience in the educational process, as well as when writing new scientific works. Therefore, we are grateful to our Polish colleagues for their cooperation and we believe that such scientific and pedagogical internships will definitely continue», said Liliia Vynarchyk, a participant of the internship, a senior lecturer at the Department of Cadastre of Territory.

Фото зі стажування Фото зі стажування