Запобігання поширенню коронавіусу 2019-nCoV

Олімпіада для вступників (2-й тур - 29.05.2020)


Department of Human Resource Management and Administration

Head of Department: DSc(Econ.), Assoc. prof. Yosyf Sytnyk
First Deputy Head of Department: CSc(Econ.), Assoc. prof. Yaroslav Panas
Deputy Head of Department for Scientific Work: CSc(Econ.), Assoc. prof. Tetiana Skliaruk
Deputy Head of Department for Student Issues: CSc(Econ.), Assoc. prof. Roksolana Vynnychuk
Deputy Head of Department for National and International Cooperation and Integration: CSc(Econ.), Assoc. prof. Halyna Boikivska
Deputy Head of Department for Educational and Methodical Work and Academic Mobility: CSc(Econ.), Assistant Yuliia Andriichuk

5 Metropolyta Andreia St., Building 4, Room 506

Номер(и) телефону: 
(032) 258-27-42
mpa.dept [at] lpnu.ua


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