History of the Department

The Department of Social Communication and Information Activities (SCIA) was founded on 23 August, 2011 and is one of the youngest departments in the Institute of the Humanities and Social Sciences. Owing to its work, our University holds leading position in academic training of specialists majoring in Documentation Sciences and Information Activities.

The Department trains bachelors, specialists and masters of Documentation Sciences and Information Activities and masters majoring in Consolidated Information; provides services to the Institute of Distance Education and the Institute of Postgraduate Education at Lviv Polytechnic National University.

The prerequisite for the foundation of the SCIA Department was an organizational and structural makeup of a new school of sciences which concerns both the problematics of social communication system functioning and the need to consolidate efforts of Lviv Polytechnic academic staff in training specialists in the field of social communication and information activities.

The bachelor training in Culture (0201) and specialist training in Documentation Sciences and Information Activities (7.020105) were launched in 2000 at the Department of History, Science and Technology of Ukraine at Lviv Polytechnic. The Department changed its profile to the History, Theory and Practice of Culture (HTPC) in 2006.

The founders of the major were professors of HTPC Department: the holder of the Excellence in Education of Ukraine award, Doctor of Historical Sciences, professor Deshchynckyi L.Y., the Candidate of Historical Sciences, Assistant Professor Zinkevych R.D., the Candidate of Historical Sciences, Assistant Professor Svashchyk S.O., the Candidate of Philology, Assistant Professor Komova M.V.

Specific categories of master trainings in Consolidated Information (8.000012) were launched at the Institute of Computer Sciences and Information Technologies at the Department of Information Systems and Networks (ISN) in 2009.

The Subject-related methodical commission “Consolidated Information” was functioning under the guidance of the Doctor of Engineering, assistant professor Peleshchyshyn A.M. at the ISN Department during 2009-2011. The commission became a center of the new school of sciences concerning the problematics of social communication system functioning, the usage of information technologies in humanitarian areas of social life, particularly, in management.

The SCIA Department has been holding an international scientific conference “Information. Communication. Society” (ICS) since 2011. The conference focuses on current problems in information consolidation, information management, e-government, documentation sciences, applied psychology and linguistics, information products and services marketing. 

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