Research at the Department

Scientific activities is very important aspect of department’s work. Area of academic staff’s scholar interests is represented by vide range of topical investigation in sociology, communications technology, social work, social policy, social psychology,  Conflict Resolution Studies, pedagogics etc.  topical research area is Social investigations for social problems settling.

The actual research project being conducted at the department is Socio-humanistic dimention of problems settling in modern Ukrainian society (state registration ID 0112U007338 ).

Research coordinator lecturer L.D.Klymanska.

An important result of departmet’s research activity is to create a launching of sociology and social work scientific school.

Social work scientific school is run by senior lecturer N.M. Haiduk Ph.D in pedagogical schiences. B. McKensy Ph.D, professor of Faculty of Social Work in Unaversity of Mannitoba, doctorate Нonoris causa in  Lviv Polytechnic National University is Academic adviser.

Sociology scientific school is run by renowned in Ukraine sociologist professor V.M. Pitcha Ph.D. in sociology. One of scientific school’s work topics is providing sociological analytical support for developing of social work in Ukraine. This topic is supervised by  senior lecturer Savka V. YE. Ph.D in sociology.

The results of empirical and theoretical investigations within the framework of department’s research project gave an opportunity to put into action the chain of social projects:

  • guidance center for children from families experiencing difficult life circumstances «Give a hand to those who is near you»;
  • project «Launching of integrated social services for vulnerable social groups at city/local community level»;
  • improvement of social services for elderly and disabled people at local community level. In town Mostyska and Mostyska region, Lviv oblast;
  • project «Strategy of social services development in Lviv city community».
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