Education Process

The organization of the educational process allows not only to assimilate the basic ideas of modern sociological science but also to gain necessary practical skills. Our educational process is focused on the discovering and improvement of creative potential and capabilities of each student. We provide professional training that allows us to be competitive not only at the domestic but also at the foreign labor market. Our bachelor graduates successfully go onto further training for the Master's degree at the University of Manitoba (Canada), the University of Oxford (UK) and also have the opportunity to study for a Master's level in "Sociology" at the AGH University of Science and Technology.

The Department provides many-sided preparation of students, that gives every graduating student an opportunity to adapt oneself and to become a keen specialist in every area, where exists the need of sociologists and community workers.

The Department of Sociology and Social Work is one of the most leading at the Institute of the Humanities and Social Sciences. We train bachelors and masters in "Sociology" and "Social work".

Students with "Social work" major are successfully employed as practical social workers and managers at the state and public social organizations; at the health care institutions; scientifically-research centers and educational institutions of different accreditation levels.

Students with "Sociology" major successfully carry out marketing, socio-political and public opinion research etc. They are employed in the research and educational institutions.

Cross-disciplinary type of preparation allows department graduates to work successfully in such spheres as HR - and ІТ- management, PR- consulting. About the level of preparation of social workers and sociologists evidences the fact that graduates of the specialty successfully work in the field of their profession not only in Ukraine but also in Canada.

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