A student of the Internet of Things program at Lviv Polytechnic develops the Letsitok project

Олександр Борило

The CIG R&D LAB educational scholarship program continues to share motivating stories of the participants of the current season. They are reformatting their work, changing their strategies, making adjustments to their plans, but they continue to develop their innovative startups. Among them is the Letsitok project from Lviv Polytechnic National University.

Earlier, we told about the SurVR team and its success in developing an application for training physicians, which allows to perform surgical operations on 3D models of the human body. Also we informed about a new startup Letsitok.

Since then, the composition of the team has changed significantly - now it is represented only by Oleksandr Borylo, a student of the Internet of Things program at Lviv Polytechnic. The main incentive is to create an application that will be useful to a large number of people.

Now Oleksandr is developing a video hosting where everyone will be able to share their videos and watch videos of others for free. An example of such a service is Youtube, but his goal is to develop a decent alternative step by step.

«The application is designed to improve communication between people, which is especially relevant in conditions of mostly remote work, as well as to make video content more profitable», says the developer.

All uploaded videos can be converted to NFT, which can be bought or sold immediately on the platform.

The plans are to improve technical skills in the development of applications for Android and iOS, cybersecurity, as well as to explore the legal side of the use and storage of user data.

Oleksandr Borylo considers it progressive that some educational programs at universities, such as the Internet of Things at Lviv Polytechnic, have abandoned coursework, and now students create projects that often turn into startups (as happened in this case).

Tip from the developer of Letsitok: «Everything is ingeniously simple - just prioritize the task: if it does not take much time to solve a particular issue - do it now and do not procrastinate!»