Polytechnic cooperates with Uitware Azure University Bootcamp to empower IT students

Department of Electronics and Information Technology
Фото із вручення сертифікатів

The Uitware Azure University Bootcamp, a 10-week program aimed at teaching students practical IT skills that are essential for success in the modern technological world, has ended. The initiative was created in partnership with leading Ukrainian universities, including Lviv Polytechnic National University, Ukrainian Catholic University, Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, and IT Step University. It provided students with access to industry knowledge from global experts and Microsoft professionals.

The Uitware Azure Bootcamp provided students with hands-on experience with cutting-edge technologies through a carefully designed curriculum. Participants not only learned about the latest developments in Microsoft Azure, but also received additional credits in specific subjects. Additionally, students had the opportunity to earn Microsoft Certification vouchers, enhancing their skills and expanding their career prospects.

Designed as an intensive course, each week of the bootcamp consisted of two key components.

Lectures: These sessions, delivered by industry experts, covered a wide range of topics important to IT professionals, including cloud computing, software development best practices, DevOps methodologies and the latest developments in artificial intelligence and data science.

Microsoft Learn Challenge modules: These interactive modules with a gamified learning approach motivated students to complete Microsoft Learn during the 10-week bootcamp. By participating in these challenges, students gained hands-on experience with various Microsoft products and services while staying engaged in the bootcamp.

By immersing themselves in business scenarios and performing practical exercises, the students gained the knowledge and best practices necessary to develop in the modern IT environment.

About Microsoft Learn Challenges

Microsoft Learn Challenges offer a gamified approach to motivate students to complete Microsoft Learn content within a specified time frame. By participating in these challenges, participants can gain the skills they need to achieve more with technology through engaging learning and customized content in Microsoft products and services. Clear start and end dates help keep students focused and motivated, ensuring that they prioritize and effectively achieve their learning goals within the given time frame. By combining Microsoft Learn Challenges with other professional development programs, such as bootcamps, you can create comprehensive and engaging learning materials for participants.

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