Lviv Polytechnic joined the European Heritage Days with its events

Фото із заходу

The European Heritage Days were held in Lviv for the twelfth time. This year, this event was especially important, because, being under the crosshairs of Russian aggression, which encroaches on our identity, everyone wants to learn more about the history, culture and heritage of his country.

«Lost. Saved. Restored» was the theme of this year’s European Heritage Days in Lviv. In 2022, when Europe ponders and comprehends the contexts of its sustainable heritage, Ukrainians are forced to protect theirs: from rescuing works of art from temporarily occupied territories to mounting protective structures to preserve monuments on the cities’ streets.

Lviv Polytechnic National University joined the European Heritage Days 2022. Andrii Pavlyshyn, head of the Promotion Center, Lviv Polytechnic, and Solomiia Kharambura, specialist of the Museum of Lviv Polytechnic conducted educational tours, paying attention to the ancient traditions of preserving cultural heritage at the University, focusing on the examples of the restored Assembly Hall and Julian Zachariewicz Hall. Maksym Chornyi, a restorer, the Institute of Architecture and Design, spoke about the large-scale work of specialists aimed at restoring monuments.

The initiative to hold European Heritage Days is supported by various units of Lviv Polytechnic. This year, Lviv Polytechnic Promotion Center, the University Museum, the Department of Restoration of Architectural and Artistic Heritage, as well as the Department of History, Museum Studies and Cultural Heritage, which organized the International Conference «Cultural Heritage: Innovative Approaches and Sustainable Development», joined the event.

– We preserve what was created and handed down to us by those whose names we have no right to forget. We will definitely restore what the Russian enemies destroyed. We will definitely create something new in memory of those who protect us and our right to exist. After all, a nation that has written cultural codes and an understanding of the importance of preserving its heritage will definitely win the war! – emphasized the organizers of this year’s European Heritage Days in Lviv.

Lviv Polytechnicians are proud that they can not only confirm these words, but also implement them in life.

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