Lviv Polytechnic researchers publish monographs in English

Заставка до матеріалу

It is known that the results of their research scientists conclude in the article, and later in the monograph. In recent years, the number of such publications is growing not only in Ukrainian, but also in English, which means that more and more people in the world are learning about the achievements of our scientists.

In 2020, 76 out of 95 published monographs of Lviv Polytechnic researchers are monographs or sections of monographs, written in English, which is 10 units more than in 2019.

Leaders in the number of published monographs (sections of monographs) in English among the University Institutes are: IEM – 20; IHSS – 12; IJPS and IEAT – 10 each.

According to the information-analytical reporting system ScienceLP, as of 03.08.2021 Lviv Polytechnic researchers published 27 monographs (sections of monographs) in English (IEM – 7; WIGOS – 4; IJPS – 5).