Lviv Polytechnic National University establishes contacts with the Italian university for effective development of education and science

Department of Finance
Скріншот з онлайн-зустрічі

Recently, a meeting was held between Professor Corrado lo Storto (Department of Industrial Engineering of the School of Polytechnics and Basic Sciences of the Naples University of Federico II, Naples, Italy) and representatives of Lviv Polytechnic National University – Head of the Center for Italian and Ukrainian Cooperation of «Leonardo da Vinci» Orest Vasylko, Head of the Department of Finance of the Institute of Economics and Management Professor Mariia Bondarchuk, Associate Professors Andriana Mazur and Marta Lyvdar – regarding the future cooperation of the Department of Finance and other departments with the Italian university.

Were discussed prospective directions of joint scientific and educational projects in conditions of uncertainty; promotion of academic, scientific, and cultural mobility; conducting conferences (video conferences); involvement of Lviv Polytechnic National University divisions in international projects, etc.