Engenius from Polytechnicians is a smart system for diagnosing electric motors in production

Команда Engenius

The Engenius team became one of the winners of the CIG R&D LAB educational and scholarship program at Lviv Polytechnic National University.

Engenius is a smart system for diagnosing electric motors in production. Now manufacturing companies almost in all processes use electric motors. Breakage of any of them leads to long downtime of production during repair or replacement, which causes huge losses of profits. The team is developing a system that can predict when a particular engine will fail, indicate the reason, and notify employees. Thus, it will be possible to carry out repair work in advance and cheaper, or there will be time to prepare and replace equipment when it is convenient.

The uniqueness of the system:

  • this wireless device can be installed without interfering with the internal structure of the engine;
  • machine learning algorithms will be able to predict failure in a certain time and indicate its possible reason;
  • the management system will be as convenient as possible and will notify the relevant employees about breakdowns.

Students are now working to improve algorithms for better estimation of the prediction period and for their greater accuracy. Also they are developing the platform and interfaces for interaction with the system. At the same time Engenius is creating a business part of the project.

In the future, the team seeks to extend its system to other engines, devices, industries in the direction of developing its own ecosystem of smart devices that can turn production into smart one. The first step in this direction is the Engenius project.

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