Cooperation of business, public authorities and higher education institutions was discussed in the University StartUp School

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Tech StartUp School, Lviv Polytechnic National University, held a representative meeting with the participation of Ihor Harbaruk (Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine), Maksym Kozytskyi (Head of the Lviv Regional State Administration), Oleh Paska (Director of the Department of Education and Science LRSA), Rostyslav Tistyk, Olha Koval, Nataliia Pipa (People’s Deputies of Ukraine), Oleksii Koshevets (founder of the One School (Yedyna Shkola) project) and Nazar Podolchak (Professor, Head of the Department of Administrative and Financial Management, Head of the University Startup School).

At the meeting they discussed the creation of the R&D Lab and the development of science and educational programs through the cooperation of business structures, public authorities and higher education institutions.

An important topic of discussion was the opportunity to encourage students to develop their own ideas and startups as an engine of social progress.

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