Вступ 2020: рейтингові списки

Підготовка до творчих конкурсів та ЗНО

Department of Information Systems and Networks

Head of Department: DScTech., Prof. Vasyl Lytvyn
Deputy Head of Department for Educational and Methodical Work: CScTech., Assoc. prof. Oleh Veres
Deputy Head of Department for Complete Education: DScTech, Prof. Andrii Berko
Deputy Head of the Department for International Cooperation: DSc(Social Commun.), Senior Research Fellow, Assoc. prof. Nataliia Kunanets
Deputy Head of the Department for Science - CScTech., Associate Prof. Viktoriia Vysotska

5 Mytropolyta Andreia St., Building 4, Room 122a

Номер(и) телефону: 
(032) 258-26-38
ism.dept [at] lpnu.ua


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