Leopolis for Future

Leopolis for Future is a unique project that enables students of Ukrainian universities to gain international professional experience. Every year the foundation announces a competition for internships at the most famous and prestigious enterprises in Poland.

The competition is open to second and third-year students (bachelor), first-year students (masters) and Ph.D. students of Lviv Polytechnic National University who speak English or Polish languages.

Required documents: 

  • CV in the Europass system ;
  • motivation letter regarding the place of practice from the list of proposed;
  • GDPR information statement / Consent to the processing of personal data.

The list of available companies for internships and other conditions for participation in the competition are updated every year. All questions should be addressed to Oleksandra Stepaniuk (oleksandra.v.stepaniuk@lpnu.ua), 343 aud. The main building, 258-24-21.


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