Запобігання поширенню коронавіусу 2019-nCoV

Реєстрація на творчі конкурси для вступу на базі ПЗСО

Education Process

Learning process at the department is oriented to disclose and improve linguistic identity of each student as well as to master the modern Ukrainian language and culture of professional and business communication, deepen spelling skills and learn the basics of terminology and rhetoric.

Teaching and educational activity of the department is based on courses programs, teaching of which is provided by the department. Learning of the course «Ukrainian language (for professional purposes)» helps students to form knowledge and skills of practical verbal activity in different situations of official, public and personal communication. The study of this discipline aims to:

  • deepen spiritual culture of students, form their humanitarian outlook, urge them to improve school linguistic and stylistic knowledge of the Ukrainian language and develop speech culture and mastering the rules of literary language;
  • familiarize students with scientific principles of modern Ukrainian orthography and increase their level of literacy;
  • teach students of business language, communication tools of the native language and processing of official papers, needed in professional activities;
  • master the basics of scientific terminology.

The department has developed and implemented a course of the modern Ukrainian language for specialization «Applied Linguistics», which involves learning of phonetic, lexical, grammar, spelling and linguistic and stylistic phenomena and trends. Set of illustrative and text material for this course is aimed at better learning of theoretical rules and regulations of the modern Ukrainian language, more complete practical mastery of different aspects and nuances of the Ukrainian language, development of humanitarian and philological thinking, understanding of spiritual and intellectual saturation, high informativeness, lexical wealth, grammatical flexibility and perfection of Ukrainian as the state language and development of language culture. The program meets the professional and national and patriotic education needs of modern scientific and technical intellectuals. Special courses «Practical stylistics of the Ukrainian language» and «Communication culture» are implemented for students of Master and professional degrees of «Philology» ( «Applied Linguistics»). These courses are designed not only to form need of students to follow fundamental rules of the communicative aspect of language as the main tool of implementing its own identity, but also to develop a sense of esthetics and continuous improvement in written and verbal languages.

The courses of «Ukrainian language in the mass media» for specialization «Journalism», and «Fundamentals of terminology» and «Fundamentals of rhetoric» for students of certain specialities as elective courses were also developed and implemented.

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