Scientific developments directory

Назва розробки Керівник розробки
51 Micropiles Pressed into Soil Bohdan Demchyna
52 Bending Reinforced Foam Concrete Constructions Bohdan Demchyna
53 Development of the Project Documentation Volodymyr Barabash
54 Hashing Processors Based on SHA-1 Algorithm Viktor Melnyk
55 Processors of Symmetric Block Encryption Based on Triple Des Algorithm Viktor Melnyk
56 Hashing processors Based on MD5 Algorithm Viktor Melnyk
57 Poisson Pulse Sequences Generators Volodymyr Maxymovych
58 Computerized System for Analysis of the Metallographic and Fractographic Images Ihor Zhuravel
59 Technology Basics of Increasing Durability of Artillery Guns Barrels Roman Bazylevych
60 Software for Implementation of the Affine Matrix Cryptosystem of Data Protection in the Corporate Information Analytical Systems Yurii Hrytsiuk
61 Software System of Automated Building of the Basic Ontology Crocus Dmytro Dosyn
62 Mathematical Support and Software for the Analysis of Temperature Regimes of Flip-chip Microelectronic Devices Yevheniya Levus
63 Software for Analysis of the Metal Surface and Semiconductors Images and the Object Recognition Roman Melnyk
64 Information Technology for Personalized Medical Information Processing Nataliia Melnykova
65 Neural Network Technology of Data Gaps Elimination Yuriy Tsymbal
66 Intellectual Components of the Integrated Automated Control Systems Ivan Tsmots
67 VLSI Schemes Complex for Synthesis of the Real-time Artificial Neural Networks Ivan Tsmots
68 System for Modeling the Wireless Sensor Networks of the Environmental Monitoring Ivan Tsmots
69 Tools for Safety and Risk Analysis in Exploitation of Critical Software, and Software and Hardware Packages Vitaliy Yakovyna
70 Flows Structure Study in Geometrical Discontinuities of the Round Pipes by Visualization Tools Volodymyr Chernyuk
71 Methods of Decreasing the Non-Uniformity of Inlet and Outlet Discharge of the Pressure Flows in Perforated Pipelines Volodymyr Chernyuk
72 Combined Solar Collector Vasyl Zhelykh
73 Improvement of the Forecasting Methods of Unsteady Flow Hydraulic Parameters Roman Hnativ
74 Linear Motors Bohdan Kharchyshyn
75 Household Biogas Plants Vasyl Zhelykh
76 Control Block of Torque Motor of Direct Current with Excitation from Permanent Magnets Vira Oksentiuk
77 Non-Contact Three-Phase Torque Motor of Integrated Structure Bohdan Kharchyshyn
78 Non-Contact Inductive Sensor of the Angle of Embedded Conduction Bohdan Kharchyshyn
79 Compiling Specialized Dictionaries of Fixed Phrases Olena Levchenko
80 Linguistic Text Expertise Olena Levchenko
81 On-Board Equipment of the Signal Processing for Multi-Spectral Scanner MSU-M of the Perspective Spacecraft Sich-2M (AOS MSU-М) Viktor Tkachenko
82 Hybrid Power System (in Basic Version Up to 4 kw) and Life Support for Mobile Radio-Electronic Complexes Roman Antoniv
83 Technology Basics of Vibration and Centrifugal Strengthening of Automobile Discs and Planes Drum Wheels from Non-Ferous Metals and Alloys Ivan Aftanaziv
84 Increasing of Strength and Reduction of Material Capacity of Drilling Equipment Tubes Ivan Aftanaziv
85 Increasing Resistance of Drilling Pumps Sleeves Depraciation Ivan Aftanaziv
86 Technology Basics of Increasing Durability of Artillery Guns Barrels Ivan Aftanaziv
87 Technology of Electrochemical Processing of the Obsolete and Used Metal-Ceramic Tools Orest Kuntyi
88 Plasma Chemical Technology of the Polymeric Sulphur Zenoviy Znak
89 Cooling and Lubricating Mixtures That Contain Polymers FOR Metal Processing by Blade and Diamond Oleh Suberliak
90 Device for Determination of Optical Duration of GNSS Measurement in Monitoring of Deformation of Engineering Structures Kornyliy Tretiak
91 Software Modules of the Information Fields of Electronic Warfare Assets. Synthesis of the Radio Signals with Stealth and Authentication Properties Ivan Prudyus
92 Automated System of Geodetic Monitoring Oleksandr Zayats
93 Small-Size Complex for Measurement of the Ship's Magnetic Field Leonid Rakhlin
94 Technical Information Security (provision of services) Valeriy Dudykevych
95 Seismic Vibration Sensor of Special Purpose Anatoliy Druzhynin
96 Highly Concentrated Water Emulsions of Essential Oils Volodymyr Samaryk
97 Water Preparation for Plant Growth Acceleration Volodymyr Starchevskyi
98 Translation and Editing of Scientific Texts Olena Levchenko
99 Mobile Application for Collecting, Processing and Transmission of the Intelligence Vasyl Lytvyn
100 Chocolate Pulverizer Volodymyr Borovets