Improvement of the Forecasting Methods of Unsteady Flow Hydraulic Parameters

Physical and mathematical modeling using the visualization tools of the unsteady fluid flow, taking into account flowbi-rhythmand the analysis of the inertia forces impact on themotion.

Experimental determination of the local characteristics of the unsteady flow and comparing them with the numerical calculation results according to mathematical models of velocities and pressures distribution in the pipeline.

The analysis of the factors and fluid flow features leading to non-stabilized turbulent flow, and taking into account the pulsation characteristics for finding the patterns of the development of vortex creating process.

Main benefits
  • using model of the unsteady flow taking into account the energy dissipation describing the laminar and turbulent regimes;
  • experimental research of the unsteady fluid flow in pipes using automatic research system , computer technologies and instrumentation complex;
  • obtaining the information about unsteady fluid flow structure using the visualization techniques;
  • accuracy of the calculations and design of the complex hydraulic systems of various technological processes.
Problem solving
  • assessment of the efficiency of hydraulic systems with unstable fluid flow regime;
  • reducing the calculation time, increasing the efficiency of the equipment usage.
We offer
fluid mechanics, fluid engineering, energy, chemical and food industries
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