Technology Basics of Increasing Durability of Artillery Guns Barrels

We developed the methods, algorithms and software to solve the a number of applied intractable combinatorial problems of high dimensionality: the design of super-large integrated circuits; transport, energy, communications, software and other systems: placement, packing, hierarchical decomposition of complex systems, traveling salesman problem, avoiding the wave massive distribution of failures in the power systems (blackout), caused by equipment damages, sabotage and other reasons.

The technique of Hierarchical islanding creates the conditions of harm reduction in such situations in Ukraine and other countries.

Main benefits
  • high quality of the solutions;
  • limited time of solving.
Problem solving
  • hierarchical decomposition of the complex systems;
  • placement, packing, tracing, avoiding the massive blackouts.
We offer
sale of license, joint refinement of the development to the industrial level, creating the joint venture
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