Water Preparation for Plant Growth Acceleration

At the stage of water preparation we offer to carry out a preliminary cavitation processing of water for plants watering, which not only cleans the water from pollutants (including biological), but also improves the water structure bringing it closer to the most favourable for the assimilation of plant and animal world of monocrystalline state.

For cavitation processing of water for plants watering we recommend energy-saving high-performance electromagnetic vibro-resonance cavitators. For qualitative cavitation processing of 2-2.5 m3 of water vibro-cavitator spends only 0.8-1.0 kW of electricity, at the same time lowering the acidity of water approximately to a neutral and improving its structure. Depending on the variety of plants as a result of their usage for watering by cavitation processed water, the germination increases by 25-40 %, the growth rate increases by 20-30 %.

Main benefits
  • high probability of plants germination;
  • accelerating of crops growth and maturation;
  • increasing agricultural yields.
Problem solving

agricultural and garden plants yields.

We offer
technology of cavitation water processing; technical documentation for cavitation equipment, prototypes of vibro-cavitator.
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