Bending Reinforced Foam Concrete Constructions

The constructions are designed for application in monolithic and precast-monolithic ceilings, residential and office buildings built on weak grounds for the purpose of reducing the load of the building's weight.

Three types of bending foam-concrete constructions are developed:

  • reinforced beams aremade of the non-autoclave fibro foamconcrete of D800-D1200 brand withworking reinforcement of A240C-A400C brand; calculated linear load is up to 4.5 kN/m2;
  • reinforced slab with a span of 3 m made of the foam concrete of D800-D1200 brand, reinforcedwith the knittedwire net, with a section height 200mm, fittedwith the slab anchors on the butt ends, the payload is 150 kN/m2 and higher;
  • prefabricated monolithic complex slabs, where the reinforced heavy concrete slabs are used as a formwork slab, with the non-autoclave foam concrete upon them, the payload is higher than 200 kN/m2.
Main benefits
  • application of non-autoclave foam concrete significantly reduces construction costs;
  • solves the problem of reduction of the maintenance costs due to the improved heat-sound-insulation properties of the material.
Problem solving

ensure the small spans ceiling with the simultaneous heat-soundinsulation; reduction of the maintenance costs.

We offer
development of the small spans ceilings and coverings projects using the reinforced foam concrete of non-autoclave curing.
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