It will be possible to study to become a law teacher at Lviv Polytechnic

Заставка до матеріалу

From September of this year, at the Institute of Jurisprudence, Psychology and Innovative Education, namely at the Department of Pedagogics and Innovative Education, it will be possible to obtain the pedagogical specialty of a law teacher (specialty «Professional Education» with specialization «Law», with additional professional qualification «Law Teacher»).

Why Law? Professional teaching of this discipline is extremely relevant today. At the same time, in order to pass on socio-cultural experience to the next generations, it is necessary to have not only branch knowledge: the key here is the ability to teach.

The new educational program provides for the training of teachers of general secondary education institutions, teachers of professional pre-higher and higher education institutions, who will teach legal disciplines. The program will be divided into two blocks: pedagogical (knowledge of modern information technologies, innovative pedagogical approaches, methods that can be used) and legal (study of legal disciplines). Accordingly, academics of pedagogical and legal disciplines will give lectures to students.

– This year our entrants to the new discipline will have two advantages: financial support from the state, due to which education will cost 12,500 per year, as well as the absence of a minimum exam admission threshold of 140, – emphasizes Yurii Kozlovskyi, head of the Department of Pedagogics and Innovative Education.

The Department’s plans for the nearest future are to open a Master’s degree program in teaching law so that a Bachelor’s degree graduate can become a teacher at a higher education institution.

Yurii Kozlovskyi emphasizes that the acquisition of such a specialty is timely, because there is a request for the implementation of the new program at secondary education institutions, as well as specialized institutions of vocational pre-higher education, that is, at colleges and professional lyceums.

The estimated licensed volume of the first group will be 100 people.