The international E-marketing project was officially launched at Lviv Polytechnic within the framework of the Erasmus+ program

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The official launch of the international project Dissemination of EU practices through e-marketing, conscious consumption, circular economy, resource efficiency (E-Marketing), Jean Monnet Actions, EU Erasmus+ program, took place online on the Google Meet platform. For the next three years it will have being implemented by the Department of Marketing and Logistics, Lviv Polytechnic National University.

Welcome speeches were made by:

  • Nataliya Chukhray – Vice-Rector for Education and International Relations of the University. She noted the topicality of the project and outlined the importance of achieving its goals and objectives;
  • Petro Krainik – Jean Monet expert of the National Erasmus+ office in Ukraine. He emphasized the peculiarities of Jean Monet projects and called on all participants to unite around the implementation of common ideas;
  • Yevhen Krykavskyi – Head of the Department of Marketing and Logistics, the Institute of Economics and Management. He spoke about the importance of the project implementation for the Department and the members of the project team and gave arguments about the relevance of the project, especially in the conditions of war;
  • Nataliia Hots – Head of the Center for International Education, Lviv Polytechnic. She focused attention on the characteristics of the Jean Monet community at the University and called on all projects participants to cooperate.

The moderator of the event was Lidiia Bolibrukh – Assistant at the Department of Marketing and Logistics, scientific consultant and academic coordinator of the project. She presented to the participants the main ideas and goals of the project, as well as the target audience, and also told about the activities planned within the framework of its three-year implementation.

Key goals of the project

  1. Dissemination of experience and implementation of the best European practices and conscious consumption programs.
  2. Raising awareness of the circular economy, conscious consumption, resource-efficient and clean production, and the single market for green products.
  3. Providing the target audience with professional knowledge about the basic principles of e-marketing as one of the effective means of promoting conscious consumption.
  4. Promotion of European approaches in ensuring the integration of science, business and government.

The student community and representatives of the Jean Monnet Family of Lviv Polytechnic attended the event, namely:

  • Vira Lubenets – scientific consultant and academic coordinator of the GoodPharma project, Head of the Department of Technology of Biologically Active Substances, Pharmacy and Biotechnology, the Institute of Chemistry and Chemical Technologies;
  • Nataliia Haivanovych – coordinator of the Jean Monnet project within the EU Program Erasmus+ Logistics and Supply Chain Management: dissemination of European experience, Associate Professor at the Department of Marketing and Logistics;
  • Ihor Kulyniak – coordinator of the Jean Monet project within the EU Program Erasmus+ European experience in the promotion of heritage and cultural tourism, Associate Professor at the Department of Management of Organizations, the Institute of Economics and Management.

During the event, business representatives shared their practices:

  • Oksana Snitko – Head of the Marketing Department, FJ Pomades and Solidol Barbers;
  • Taras Maselko – PR manager;
  • Mariana Kuchmenda – Internet marketer at !FEST Delivery.

Video recording of the event

Website of the E-Marketing project

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