The football team of international students played a match with a team of academics

Футбольна команда студентів-іноземців

This fall, a new football team of international students from the Congo, studying at Lviv Polytechnic, was formed.

The other day two teams – academics of Lviv Polytechnic and students from the Congo – played in the football hall of the Lviv Polytechnic sports complex.

The academics, whose team has existed for several years, won the match with a slight advantage, so the experience won.

By the way, Ukrainian student football championships have been held in Ukraine for a long time. So the team players dream of participating and winning among student teams.

– The team of students from the Congo is well-coordinated and active. This is the first time such a sports competition has taken place at Polytechnic. The guys dream of winning big football tournaments. The team of academics initiates the continuation of meetings with the team of international students, – said Volodymyr Kraiovskyi, Vice-Rector for Training and Production, who is a player in the football team of academics.

To improve the effectiveness of the student team, the head of the Department of Physical Education Viktor Koriahin offered to start serious training with them.

– We try to integrate international students into the university life in different ways. During the meeting with them, the issues of their leisure were discussed. A student from Congo, Gisaa, spoke enthusiastically about his interest in football. So we invited them to take part in a football match with the team of academics of Lviv Polytechnic, – added the head of the Center for International Education Nataliia Hots.