Academic Gymnasium at the University is among the leaders according to the results of the National Multi-Subject Test in the Lviv region

Ілюстрація до матеріалу

Lviv graduates showed excellent results passing the National Multi-Subject Testing. This year, due to the full-scale war, the usual External Independent Evaluation was conducted in the form of a one National Multi-Subject Testing.

638 Lviv schoolchildren received the highest results, among them:

  • 454 graduates received 200 points in one subject;
  • 144 graduates received 200 points in two subjects;
  • 40 graduates received 200 points in three subjects.

In total, 93 schools of the community have students who received 200 points, which is 85% of the total number of general secondary education institutions in Lviv.

Traditionally, the largest number of such graduates studied at Lviv Physics and Mathematics Lyceum. As many as 73 graduates got the highest results.

Lviv Academic Gymnasium at Lviv Polytechnic National University is also among the leaders according to the test results. 41 graduates received the highest result.

22 graduates of Lviv Linguistic Gymnasium also scored the maximum number of points.